Message from the CIU on the Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting Rabbi Bemporad and Pope Francis Join Forces for Refugees Bemporad speaks at Pope John Paul II Commemoration Kosovo Conference Takes Shape: (L-R) In Jhacoba, Rabbi Bemporad and Getoar Besimi discuss Kosovo’s history with Baba Mumin Lama, head of the Kosovo Bektashi.

We Remember Together

CIU representatives participated in Memorial honoring 1,022 Jewish Roman citizens that were deported to Auschwitz, at the hands of German Nazis in 1943.


Refugee Initiatives

CIU co-sponsored second conference on Global Initiatives in Refugee and Migrant Education


Board Member Honored

Founding CIU board member Elaine Adler received the 2017 Lawrence R. Inserra Leadership Award at Holy Name Medical Center’s MS Awards Reception on November 9th.