International Press Coverage

“I think that when someone wants to deny the Holocaust or think that it is exaggerated, which many of them do and certainly many of their followers do, when they come here and see it, their experience is such that they can no longer think that.” ~ Rabbi Jack Bemporad

“We go back more committed to human rights and more understanding of conflicts and how to resolve them, but also to be careful of a curriculum that teaches racism and hatred.”                                           ~  Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America

The 2013 ‘Imams To Auschwitz’ program was reported by hundreds of news outlets around the world. Below is just a sampling of the international media coverage:

A Muslim Leader Reflects On The Holocaust After Visiting Auschwitz (Huffington Post)
Imams visit Auschwitz, Nazi death camp, pray for Holocaust victims (Huffington Post)
Imams pay tribute to Holocaust victims (HuffPost Live)
Muslims reflect on the Holocaust (Washington Post)
When the imams went to Auschwitz (Miami Herald)
Muslim Imams pray at Auschwitz for Holocaust dead (NBC News/Atlanta)
Newly appointed U.S. Ambassador joins unprecedented global Muslim delegation at Auschwitz (Catholic News)
Muslim religious leaders meet with Holocaust survivors in Poland (The Raw Story)
Semites’ poignant walk in an infamous place of anti-Semitism (MENASA World)
Muslim clerics reach out with tolerance on trip to Jewish Holocaust sites (Women’s News Network)
Muslim leaders condemn Holocaust deniers (Drudge Report)
Israel/Jewish Press:
Holocaust sites moves Muslim leaders profoundly (Jerusalem Post)
Muslim clerics learn lessons of Auschwitz firsthand (Jewish Daily Forward)
Rabbis and Imams visit Nazi death camp together (Jewish News One)
Traveling to the past to build bridges to the future (Tikkun Daily)
Imam speaks at shul after visiting Auschwitz (The Jewish Chronicle)
Muslim leaders condemn Holocaust denial (Israel National News)
Muslim Clerics who visited Auschwitz and Dachau slam Holocaust denial (Jewish Daily Forward)
Muslim religious leaders denounce Holocaust denial (Times of Israel)
Muslim leaders condemn anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial (World Jewish Daily)
Muslim leaders condemn Holocaust denial (Israel Frontline)
Imams who toured Auschwitz denounce Holocaust denial (Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Arab/Muslim Press:
Show of good faith: Muslim imams pray at Auschwitz (Al Arabia)
Muslim leaders pray at Auschwitz in interfaith move (Arab News)
Muslim leaders pray at Auschwitz (Arabian Business)
Muslims visit Holocaust camp for awareness (On Islam)
Muslim religious leaders condemn Holocaust deniers (Al Arabia)
California Islamic scholar posts statement on Holocaust denial (The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report)
Muslim imams slam Holocaust deniers (On Islam)
Muslim leader’s Auschwitz visit boosts Holocaust knowledge (BBC)
Muslim religious leaders visit Auschwitz (Hurriyet Daily News)
Auschwitz Gorunce Holokost’u Bilmedigimi Anladim (Salom)
İmamlar Nazi kampı Auschwitz’de namaz kıldılar (Radikal Dunya)
Nazi kampında namaz kıldılar (HaberTurk)
Pologne: des imams rencontrent des survivants de l’Holocauste (Yahoo France)
Des imams rencontrent des survivants de l’Holocauste à Varsovie (Agence France-Presse)
“Wszyscy przywódcy powinni odwiedzić to miejsce”. Muzułmanie w Auschwitz oddali hołd ofiarom (TVN24)
Muslim Imams pray at Auschwitz for Holocaust dead (Siasat Daily)
Muslim leaders urge world to oppose anti-Semitism, Islamophobia (Matters India)
Holocaust awareness program: Muslim clerics to visit Auschwitz (Zee News)
Rabbis and Imams visit Nazi death camps together (Weekly Press Pakistan)
Muslim religious leaders to visit Auschwitz (Pakistan Affairs)
Nigeria Muslim leaders visit Auschwitz (Vanguard News)
Muslim Imams Pray At Auschwitz For Holocaust Dead (Yahoo7)
Líderes musulmanes visitan Dachau y Auschwitz para conocer los horrores del Holocausto (BBC Mundo)
Muslim Leaders Make Unprecedented Auschwitz Visit (Sofia News Agency)