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Imagine you are standing on the shore of a swift river, when you spot a drowning person being swept along. A strong swimmer, you jump in and pull him to safety. No sooner do you get the man on shore when you see another person struggling against the fierce current. Again you jump in and pull this one to safety. Someone joins you on shore when yet again, you see someone being swept down river and the other person jumps in and saves this casualty. And so it goes all day long.

Yet no one goes upstream to see who is pushing all these people into the river.

DonateButtonEditWe, the CIU, go upstream to target the source of religious intolerance, bigotry, stereotyping, and discrimination that is pushing entire communities into the river of hatred.

Please join with our supporters to help us halt the forces that dehumanize targeted groups and misinterpret and misuse Scripture, not only to condone, but also to justify hatred and strife. Our Scriptural Resources for Peace© gives authoritative religious leaders a forum for interpreting their scriptures for understanding and harmony – and a methodology for reaching youth with their findings.

Imagine! Kosovo, a Muslim majority nation that lost many youths to ISIS recruiters in the past, is joining with the CIU to host a Scriptural Resources for Peace© forum in fall of 2018. Leading Kosovar Imams and scholars will teach inspired and proper interpretations of Koranic verses to the youth, countering claims of extremist groups.

Bemporad and Pope Francis discuss refugee crisis.

Bemporad and Pope Francis discuss refugee crisis.

Today, so many around the world are suffering fear, victimization, and attacks, which force thousands to become refugees and migrants. Established in 1992, the CIU organizes initiatives that repair lives, such as the international conference on Migrants and Refugees in Rome this past November, co-sponsored by the CIU and which provided educational opportunities and scholarships for college-age refugees; programs that break the barriers between religions and ethnic groups, such as Imams to Auschwitz, Sharing Sacred Spaces, and of course, Scriptural Resources for Peace©.

We so appreciate your donation, which will help us continue the programs that have been making a difference for the past 25 years.

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