Archie L. Nations Memorial Lecture

Rabbi Jack Bemporad inaugurated the Archie L. Nations Memorial Lectures on January 9, 2017, a new series presented by the Interreligious Council of San Antonio (ICOSA). Founding member Rajam Ramamurthy, MD introduced Rabbi Bemporad’s discussion topic “Between Past & Future, the Achievements & Challenges of Interreligious Dialogue.”

Synopsis: Religions have enormous power. In the past, they have often been used for mutual destruction or co-opted by ideologies and were used as an excuse for warfare. In many ways this has changed, but unless religions begin to work earnestly for a common good, we will simply continue some of the worst elements of the past. By contextualizing and reinterpreting negative elements in all our scriptures, and focusing and emphasizing those that promote the best in society, we can move humanity to a harmonious and peaceful future.

Watch the lecture below.