Crisis in Ukraine

The Libertas Center reports over five-hundred thousand people have been made homeless, fleeing their residences and abandoning their possessions in Eastern Ukraine because of the armed conflict there. Thousands have been killed or severely wounded.

According to Dr. Dzyubanskyy, as the region continues to destabilize, families and individuals afflicted by the ongoing armed clashes come from diverse religious backgrounds; Jewish, Christian (including Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant) and Muslim communities. While some temporary housing is provided by state authorities and private individuals, special programs for psychological, spiritual, and material support are needed for those traumatized by the upheavals.

As example of such programs is a seven-day retreat for groups of 25-40 people of various interfaith backgrounds. It includes transportation to the safe retreat facility, boarding, meals, the assistance of psychologists, social workers, spiritual leaders and an animator for children.

To help support this program, the CIU is accepting donations on behalf of the Libertas Crisis Retreat Program.

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