COVID-19 Statement

My thoughts are with all of you as this virus sweeps across the world. This moment is a test of our shared humanity, a time for global solidarity, a return to the human connection.

In this global crisis, people are reaching out in creative and inspiring ways – singing to our neighbors, applauding health care workers, performing free concerts from home, spreading spontaneous acts of loving kindness. Today, more than ever, our spiritual kinship with all people and all nations is the best antidote to the virus.

Every crisis offers a lesson for the future. This pandemic created a pause in climate change, giving the earth a breather from polluting industries and human commercial activity. It is my prayer that this global reset triggers a spiritual consciousness that will change our lives in ways that will outlive this virus.

What a moment to pause and reflect on how the past weeks have transformed our lives. The gift of time in global quarantine offers a sabbatical for the renewal and nourishment of our souls. It is my hope that we emerge from this period of enforced solitude to make meaningful, intentional choices in our lives.

When the dust settles, the reality of how little we need, how much we already have and the true value of human connection should enrich our perspective long after this plague has passed.

Much like the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt that we commemorated each year during Passover – we are now journeying together toward an unknown reality.

Then, as well as now, this passage through unknowing is illuminated by the capacity of the human spirit to rise in courage and compassion to build the most resilient threads of our soul. The essence of the Biblical redemption story is reflected in today’s epic passage through global uncertainty.

In every generation, we are obligated to see ourselves as if we were personally liberated from slavery. Passover embodies this spiritual courage to persevere in the face of great adversity.

The miracle of our passage through the Red Sea embodies spiritual courage to persevere in the face of great adversity and is a message – to have faith and believe we can part the waters to make a difference in this world.

It is now our sacred task to part the waters with kindness, radical empathy and generosity wherever we are in this world.

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Angelica Berrie
Chairman of the CIU Board