Muslims Condemn Attack

The early morning attack was horrific. Wielding guns, knives and axes, two Palestinian cousins attacked a synagogue in West Jerusalem on Tuesday, November 18th, killing four worshippers before they themselves were killed by police. A responding police officer later died of his wounds.

The act has been condemned by world leaders, including President Obama, as well as President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. Many other Muslim voices have been raised against this particular act, as well as against acts of violence in general.

In response to the violence, CIU Board member S. A. Ibrahim, who is a dedicated interfaith leader involved in bringing together the children of Abrahim (and in fact was recently honored with the Joseph Wharton Award for his commitment to inter-religious dialogue and tolerance) posted the following letter to fellow Wharton Award recipient Ronald Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.:

Dear Ron,

I wanted to offer my sympathy and express my condemnation of the attacks at the synagogue. A place of worship is sacred and such a desecration deserves particularly harsh condemnation.

It is sad to see the growing violence in Jerusalem. I hope that everybody works together to punish those responsible as well as to end this cycle. Voices supporting or justifying this heinous act or other acts of violence only serve to incite less discerning people to commit more horrible acts. If there is one place on earth that should be the symbol of peace and a reminder of the shared heritage of all the descendants of Abraham, it has to be Jerusalem. I hope that there will come a day, impossible as it seems, when this holy city will be blessed not only because of its history but because of its present day harmony.

SA Ibrahim